We are so proud to offer you premium bath and body products from TSP.

(TSP) products have been created first and foremost with the healing benefits of Sea salt in mind. Additionally, TSP products have been enriched with Olive oil which has significant anti oxidant properties and is a great moisturizer coupled with Vitamin E which softens skin, reduces roughnessdue to aging, fights against"free radicals" and tranforms the skin to have a brilliant glow.


8-10 hour fragrances remain on the body for all-day freshness, much longer than traditional body products in today’s marketplace. TSP’s products are formulated to last - with superior ingredients, ensuring scent longevity! NO cheap fillers or alcohol which results in a diluted scent life. 16 collection fragrances are available in scrub in a TUB and body oil RUB to be used in place of body splash & perfume, consolidating products to save money and enhance results.



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