Quotes My husband has suffered from severe dry skin as long as he can remember and nothing has ever worked to get rid of it. I bought him the Scrub in a Tub and within a week of him using it, he has no flaking on his skin anywhere. He is so happy! Thank you Marilyn for suggesting he give it a try. I also just go my own jar of White Blossom and it smells like heaven, I LOVE IT! Quotes
Siobhan Mara
Happy Customer

Quotes I love, love, love the lavendar salt srub and the bath oil! :) I walk around alot for my day job and usually by the end of the day, I'm not really smelling like a cute little lady! LOL! When I used the Marilyn's bath oil for the first time, just a couple of small tiny drops after the shower, on my arms, and neck area, the entire day, I smelled fresh and clean! :) I love it! :) I also love the lavendar bath salts, I use a tiny bit and mix it with my daughters soap, and it is awesome, because after bathtime, my daughter is calmer and falls asleep faster, that means more time for mommy to read, watch tv, facebook, etc...! :) LOve it, thank you. :) Quotes
Ivy M. De Jesus
Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot Jewelry

Quotes I bought the summer fields scrub in a tub. I LOVE IT. Completely leaves my skin so soft. Better than anything I have ever tried. Thank you Thank you.... Quotes
Shammy Pius
Therapist, satisfied customer

Quotes I have been using these products for 3 weeks and LOVE them! I was surprised by the fact that it helped rid a patch of eczema that I have had for 8 years! Prescription creams had not helped removed the eczema, yet only 2 days of using the body scrub and oil completely removed it. Also, instead of using lotion daily, I now opt to use the oil. My skin stays hydrated throughout the day even during the cold weather. Quotes

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