Bath Salts:

Stimulate the senses -- inhale deeply, relax, feel beautiful and let your soul be moved! TSP brand bath salts are as much about ART as they are about the bath and are designed to provide a full body & soul experience. Beautifully colored, highly fragrant and formulated with 100% mineral-rich sea salt, use regularly after a workout to help ease muscle tension, reduce swelling, soften skin, speed the healing of nicks & cuts and help alleviate itchy skin conditions associated with psoriasis/eczema.

 Available in a variety of different sizes.    Cube $4  5lb Jug $35

Body Oil:

Experience 'all-in-one' total body care with 'body oil'-- is it a moisturizer or is
it a fragrance oil? Both products have now been fused in to one! Our body oil  is a must have tool for soft, supple, moisturized skin and the aromatic scent
remains for 8 hours or more. Our body oil is specially formulated with anti
oxidant rich olive oil, Vitamin E and lavish fragrance to completely absorb; giving
the skin a healthy glow without being greasy. Our body oil  can be used daily
in place of lotion, applied after shaving, added to bath water, is great for
massage, and works well to repel biting insects, naturally.
Our body oil is a versatile compliment to  our scrub  and exceptionally
soft skin is achieved when both products are alternated. DIRECTIONS: Apply on to
a slightly wet body daily or in between  our scrub  treatments.

Available in 2 oz $8, 8oz $20 and 32 oz $55

Fragrance Oil:Available in one size $25

For home and body; fragrance oil is triple concentrated, cosmetic grade and FUN to add to a variety of your own products to create custom scented goods. Try some of our suggested ideas and/or come up with new ones!
FOR HOME: Use in fragrance oil burners; add 1 part oil to 3 parts water - replenish water as needed.Also try adding a few drops to the melted wax pool of an unscented (tea light) candle and/or blend into expired potpourri. To deodorize vacuum and refresh carpets: mix a few drops with baking soda, sprinkle and vacuum.
FOR BODY: Add a few drops to gel soap, body lotion, mineral oil, hair conditioner and/or shampoo. May also be worn directly on pulse points. Oil is not edible


 Foot Soak Spa: available   2 use packet $8   5lb jug $45

Add some FUN to the pedi experience by using TSP foot soak. Give your pedicure a catchy name like: 'Margarita pedi', 'Paradise pedi' or 'Lavender Lane pedi' depending on choice of fragrance selected. For an indulgent & truly themed pedi, use our scrub  to polish rough heels and body oil  for finishing massage... and the best part is that all 3 are available in the same 16 collection fragrances.
TSP brand foot soaks are richly colored to give the water a vibrant tint and highly fragrant for aroma therapy effect. Designed for hydrotherapy or jetted footbaths, the concentrated, fine-grain blend of 100% sea salt is non-foaming, quickly dissolves in water and will deodorize feet. Sea salt is naturally very healing and helps to reduce swelling, soften skin, speed the healing of nicks & cuts and improves circulation. Foot soak  may also be used for a therapeutic, full body soak in the tub.

DIRECTIONS:  Add 1 scoop to hot water and soak for 10-20 min.


Our Scrub :

Transform your skin and the way you feel inside & out with 'scrub'. Improve skin health & tone and achieve softer skin with the first application. Innovatively formulated, several luxurious essentials have been fused into one multi-beneficial, body-care creation. In one simple step - cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and fragrance with 'scrub'. It's an 'all-in-one' personal care product made with ultra-fine sea salt to polish, purify, stimulate blood flow and aid the healing of blemishes, acne, psoriasis & eczema along with Mediterranean olive oil & anti oxidant rich Vitamin E to promote radiantly moisturized skin. Long lasting fragrance completes the experience and the aromatic scent remains for 8 hours or more. Polish on and rinse off -- its that simple

DIRECTIONS: Apply scrub with hand, directly on to wet body. Step away from the water and polish until satisfied. Rinse grains, exit promptly and pat dry to retain moisturizing, aromatic oils. To decrease remaining oils, rinse longer or rub dry firmly -- you decide. Moisturizing oils will completely absorb to give skin a beautiful glow. For best results, use every other day, alternating with 'body oil '.

Available in 2oz $10, 22oz $ 30 and 109 oz  $85

Shipping (based on Weight) and Tax (9%) not included in above prices.   To place an Online Order: Please send an email with request HERE and we will send you a secure Paypal Invoice.   Free Gift Included with every ONLINE order. 

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