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Sea salts are packed with therapeutic minerals (magnesium, sodium, calcium, bromides and sulfates of potassium) which help to promote healing and wellness. These minerals are easily absorbed into the skin to improve its texture, speed the healing of cuts/blemishes, help to alleviate conditions associated with psoriasis and eczema, and ease aches/pains while negatively discharging ions which help to calm/relax the body. Mineral-rich Sea Salts are essential to keeping skin in peak condition and blemish free. Your body cannot make them, so you need to absorb them not only through diet, but also by bathing. Salt baths boost blood circulation, and remove toxins while mineral absorption helps major organs, such as the liver & kidneys to function more efficiently. The byproduct of these benefits to your system is smooth, flawless, glowing skin.

Olive Oil and Vitamin E are naturally rich with anti-oxidant properties and work synergistically with the body to nourish and condition. While Olive oil provides exceptional moisturizing qualities to improve skin health and tone, Vitamin is a natural preservative and helps with skin rejuvenation.  These oils have been derived from natural sources and are molecularly very small, therefore easily absorbed.  The skin literally drinks these oils, leaving the surface of the skin smooth and silky with out being tacky.  The viscosity of our fine blend is excellent for massage and will maintain an excellent working lubricity.

8-10 hour fragrances remain on the body for all-day freshness, much longer than traditional body products in today’s marketplace. OurS products are formulated to last - with superior ingredients, ensuring scent longevity! NO cheap fillers or alcohol which results in a diluted scent life. 16 collection fragrances are available in scrub in a TUB and body oil RUB to be used in place of body splash & perfume, consolidating products to save money and enhance results.

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